Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello My Friends~

As you can see I am very Blessed with the friendships I have within the Wed night stitching group, for 16 years, our love for needlework is what got us all together. Karen is our hostess and kindly opens up her home and heart to each of us every month. It has been a difficult year for many of us in the group, loved ones passed away, job loss, and the challenges we face as we are all growing older. I am so thankful to each and every one of these woman for sharing their life, and their love of needlework. And I thank God for our creative spirits!

With Best Wishes Always~
JoAnn stitched up the sampler for Joan, it was so petty and delicate done over one. The bird was one of Karen's gifts. She hosts the "Stitch Inn" that is the 3rd Wed of every month. She has the Bee and Ladybug as well, and they are so sparkly and delightful!! A special collection!!
The Stacy Nash pouch was my gift!!!! :) Joyce stitched it up for me, JoAnn did the finishing, JoAnn also made a strawberry and pinkeep that was inside the pouch. I didn't get a picture of those , but I will and post them later. It was a mattress pinkeep and so very tiny and sweet! Thanks to Joyce and JoAnn.
As you can see the gifts were awesome! The bag has some of Stacy Nash's sampler stitched up and blanket stitched onto the tote. A very nice and unusual finish. Joan did such a beautiful job, and Lori loved it!
Some of the girls here getting ready to do the gift exchange. There is lots of laughter and we are getting pretty loud by now!!
This is Karen's Christmas tree!! Huge and decorated so beautifully. It was a wonderful night, with Dear friends and great food, and the needlework gift exchange was the highlight of the night. We wait all year long to see who picked our name! Sweet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Exchange Party

Party Time at 7pm! I have been in a needlework group for 16+ years, there are about 12 of us. It is the party I look forward to the most during the Holiday. We all bring food and have dinner together, then the gift exchange! Everyone is so talented, the gifts are truly amazing. I treasure all the gifts I have recieved from this group of friends. I have my camera charging and will post some photos tommorrow. Until then my friends!!!!

Best Wishes Always~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec 13, 2009 1:03am

Hello Friends!!!

Just surfing needlework websites, enjoying all the gifts people are making for this Holiday season. I have been working on a needleroll for a very dear friend of mine, I will post a picture soon!!! Going to an annual Christmas party this coming Wed, for a needlework group I have been in for at least 16yrs. We all bring food and then have our gift exchange, which is so awesome. The gifts that are exchanged are incredible, and I have some lovely gifts that I have recieved thru the years. We meet on the 3rd Wed of each month. It is my favorite party of the season.

With All Best Wishes~