Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Beauty of Fall & My Husbands Accident~

Hello Friends~

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather we are having this weekend. I am loving all the beautiful colors of the season and I am especially Thankful for my husband!!!!!

My husband was in a terrible accident last Saturday while he was delivering bread to a Mr Hero in Middleburg Hts, OH. He was standing at the counter (with his back to the window) when an elderly man crashed through the window pinning him to the counter. See the pictures below. He was taken to Metro Trama Center in downtown Cleveland. They had to cut his clothes off and his entire body shaking from shock. He ended up with a bruised pelvis and hips and a deep puncture wound. He was told he was a very lucky man. It could have been so much worse. He was in the hospital for 4 days.

I have to pack his wound twice a day, (very intense) it couldnt be stitched up because it has to heal from the inside out. He is walking now, slow but steady. The wound specialist said it would take 6-8 weeks for the wound to heal. We go to the the Dr tommorrow and I think he may need some physical therapy to get the strength back to his legs.

Not sure when he will be going back to work and it doesnt really matter, as he he is facing a long recovery, but he is still here with me and my son, and we love him very, very much. God was watching over him, keeping him safe in what could have been a fatal accident.....

Thanks to everyone for all the calls, visits and the food brought to our house!!

Hope you enjoy the other pictures I posted!!!!

Best Wishes Always~


Here are two photos showing the SUV that crashed through the Mr Hero that hit my husband and pinned him to the counter.

A little bit of Fall Decor!!! Lori Baker Teddy Bear & Squirrel pin cushions, fabric pumpkins and needlepunch pillow made by Primitive Betty!!!

I adore Mums!!!!

This is a Stacy Nash pattern I am working on. It is one of the kits that I get from County Samplers four times a year. It will become a pillow at some point!!!!

Here's a picture of a necklace and earrings I recently made. I wanted something special for fall, so I used carnelian faceted tube beads, some handblown beads, little silver crystals, czech beads and some vintage chain. I also used some vintage chain on the earrings. I was really pleased with the finished piece!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road Trip to Stitch Shops!

Hello Friends~

Yesterday, JoAnn R, Joann H, Rhonda and myself took a trip to pick up some framed pieces. In Strongsville, OH we went to Just Stitching where their favorite framer, Bonnie works. JoAnn had 3 finished and JoAnn H had one. As you can see by the pictures, Bonnie does a wonderful job, and she has many choices to choose from. We stopped and ate at some cool cafe, the food was delish! Then we traveled to another shop, Crafty Ewe, and let me tell you, the fabric selection they have at this shop is like no other, I was in fabric heaven!!! I got some linen and also a roll-a-frame, I have been wanting to try one for a while. I usually hand hold when I stitch, but sometimes use a q-snap, and the bigger samplers are sometimes hard to hand hold~

Hope you have a Great Week~

This is JoAnn R framed sampler, Sun and Moom by Scarlett Letter, you can's see it in the photo, but the frame sides are very deep, and it is so unique looking, I wanted to take it home with me!!!

This is JoAnn H framed sampler, Ann Pennsylvania Peacock, by Little by Little! It is so beautiful and the frame looks wonderful, JoAnn's house is filled with amazing samplers. She gives many of her samplers her daughter, Bethany~~~lucky woman!!!

This is JoAnn R framed sampler JesseyLambert, an English Sampler from Scarlett Letter!!! This is so sweet and the frame is amazing!!! This was an exciting day for JoAnn, picking up 3 framed pieces~

This is JoAnn R framed Isabella Johnstone, the frame is so pretty!!! Wish it was mine!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Has Been a Long Time....

Hello Friends~

No, I havn't forgotten all of you!! I just have been in a summer rut, just too hot!!! I don't like the high humidity at all!! So I have been indoors quite a bit, you'd think I would be stitching away, but I am also in a stitching rut~ Isabella Johnstone and I had a falling out, so I had to put her away for a while. Then I did sitich the top border of Ann Wheaton, then laid her down, so I have been stitching on a Halloween chart from the Primitive Needle. I will post that next time!!

Below is a picture of a necklace I made today, it was fun and quick and the faceted beads are such a beautiful pale blue, beige and brown color. The pendent is from Kathy Barrick's shop on Etsy, she sells some of her cool stuff there!!!

Then below that is Rebecca, she had The Fab5 over for lunch not too long ago, JoAnn, Maureen, Carla and myself. We all brought over a dish and enjoyed our time together on Rebecca's enclosed porch. It is just awesome at Rebecca's, she lives in a Saltbox and the period decor is out of this world. The food was delicious, but most of, our long friendship is something I am very thankful for!! We looked at Rebecca's Sampler stash patterns and just went crazy with desire, I hope we live long enough to stitch them all (yeah, right??!!)

Thank God for Friendships & Creativity~

My Dear Friends, Rebecca (top) JoAnn & Maureen and a photo of Rebecca's primitive cupboard filled with all kinds of ecletic collections.

Monday, June 20, 2011

~ My Beloved Mother ~

May 25, 1929 ~ June 20, 2009

Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on. Cherished memories will never fade, because a loved one is gone. Those we love can never be, more than a thought apart, for as long as there is a memory, they live with in our heart...........

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my Mom. She was my friend, a wonderful loving Grandma to Noah, and she treated Jeff like her own son. We will not forget the joy she brought to us!!! I love you Mom~

Your Loving Daughter,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beautiful Roses and my son Noah!

Hello Friend~
Thought I would share a couple pictures of my son Noah and his friend, Morgan. It was her first visit to our house yesterday! The three of us ended up going to Panara for a bite to eat and then to Borders to hang out out. It was fun and Morgan is very sweet. Hard to believe my son has grown up so quickly and will be starting high school this fall. Life is flying by~
The roses were such an unusual color, I had to post a picture~
Hope everyone has a wonderful week~
God Bless!

My son Noah and his friend Morgan!!

These are the beautiful roses I recieved for Mothers day~ the color was just amazing!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

JoAnn's Memorial Sunday Party~

Hell Friends~
Let me just say this!!!! JoAnn & Bethany's party was the BOMB!!! Good friends!! Delicious food and needlework!!! Is there anything Better?? It started at 11am and we left a little before 6pm. JoAnn has the most wonderful house, with the most ecletic clock collection I have ever seen, by her beloved husband Bob! Lots of chimes, all unique and so cool!! Then you have have JoAnn's Samplers to drool over in every room. And her daughter Bethany is a Sampler lover as well, she was visiting from Florida. She has her Samplers posted to Ellen Chester webshots, under bearlynew2000. Check it out!!! Amazing!! I will treasure this day forever, another sweet memory to add in my heart! Thanks to JoAnn and Bethany, and to all the other dear friends who were there as well.

With Kind Regards~


All of us!!!!

More Eye candy!!

Good Friends!!! Rhonda, JoAnn and Kim!!

More Awesome Samplers!!!

Here is Rhonda with her beautiful Charlotte Clayton finish! So very beautiful!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Isabella, Bandit and Sweet Pin Keep~

Hello Friends~
It has been such a long time since my last post, I have missed you. Did April fly by or what? I had a couple of health issues that had me in a funk and several visits to the Dr. That is never fun. But I am feeling better and will continue to get better in time.
As you can see, not much done on Isabella, but I love what I have done. I ended up changing the color on the small alphabet and numbers as well. It called for Biscotti (the row right under the small alphabet) which barely shows on on my fabric. So I changed it to weeks dye works, palamino. It goes good with the other colors in the sampler and I am pleased with it.
Hoping for some wonderful weather this month, here in Ohio! I am wishing all of you many sun-shiny days and times spent with friends. Until next time~
God Bless~

Here is pretty boy, Bandit. He is almost 6 months old and getting close to 20lbs! He and my older dog are now getting along well and playing together, it is so much fun watching them play tug-o-war. He has such amazing energy, wish he could give some!

Look at this sweet pinkeep I got at Etsy!! It is a design by Notforgotten Farm. This was made by Rhonda Tedder of Simple Thyme Prims. She does such a lovely job, all is done by her hand. If you would like to look at her her other offerings, please visit her Etsy shop; http://www.etsy.com/people/SimpleThymePrims

Isabella, Bandit and Sweet Pin Keep~

Hello Friends!!
I cant believe how fast April just flew by! I had a couple of health issues, and they kind of had me a bit down. But I am feeling better now and I have missed you. As you can see I don't have alot more done on Isabella, but what is done, I just love. I ended up changing the color in the 2nd alphabet, and numbers as well, the color it called for is biscotti (there is a band of it under the small alphabet) and it barely showed up on the fabric I choose. I used weeks dye works, palomino, and it goes well with the other colors in the Sampler. Can't wait to finish the algerian eyes, then next the grass and the cow!!
The weather han't been that great here in Clinton, Ohio~but I am hoping for some beautiful and warm weather this month! I wish all of you many wonderful sun-shiny days and times with good friends!!
God Bless ~

Bandit has gotton so big!! Getting close to 20lbs, and he such a good boy!! He will be 6 months in a couple days. Now Bandit and my older dog Rex are playing together very well, so much fun watching them play tug of war!!

Look at this lovely pinkeep I got on Ebay, it is a pattern by Notforgotten Farm. It was all hand sewn by Rhonda Tedder. She makes some beautiful items, all made by her hand! Here is Ronda's link to Etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/SimpleThymePrims

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sampler, Sweet Bandit and Snow!

Dear Friends~
This is a Pennsylvania German reproduction Sampler, called Ann Huber 1834, by The Marking Sampler. It was a fun stitch, with motifs and alphabets and I love how it is a bit primitve with only a few colors used. I think I am going to distress it a bit before it gets framed.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy~

Here is our Sweet Bandit! He got his last shots this past week, and he now weighs 12lbs!! At 4 months old, he is always looking for trouble. lol I had made some tea this morning and I saw he was chewing on something? Here he had a tea bag,! Never a dull moment when he is around~

This is what I woke up to this morning, looking out my window!! I have to admit, it looked magical. We didn't get all that we were suppose to, but that was OK with me. School was closed, so my son, Noah was quite happy!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Litle Bit of Bling!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

I have been wanting to make this necklace for quite sometime! Finished it about a week ago and thought I would share a few photos of it! I cut 1 inch pieces of 18 gage sterling silver and wired each piece to a taupe colored 8mm swarovski rondelle. I was the lucky bidder to win the antique heart pendant on Ebay, it is 2 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide in the middle, and yes, it does open up! The total length is 36 inches long, and it is a fun piece to wear. I have to admit that sometimes, I do like to wear a little bit of bling!

Best Wishes Always~