Sunday, June 16, 2013

~Father's Day Remembrance~

Hello Dear Friends~

I know it has been such a long time since my last post!! Life can get complicated at times and it will steal away some things that you love to do! My DH Father had been quite ill and did pass away on May 31st. His life came full circle at 84 years old. He is in the loving arms of God now, enjoying the promise land that he so deserved! 

Knowing we will see him again and other loved ones that have gone before us brings great comfort, until then we have our dear memories, as he will never be forgotten~    

I found this lovely quote today and thought it was so appropriate for Fathers Day;

“There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s world when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself.”~~John Gregory Brown,Decorations in a Ruined Cemetary (1994)  

Wishing You Many Blessings~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bethany's~~ Country Life 1783

Hello Dear Friends~

I was with Joann Hoffman and Bethany Gallant (Mother and Daughter) and Ronda Price this past Saturday, as we went to Just Stitching, to pick up my finish and to drop off Bethany's new finish! The lovely and amazing Scarlet Letter's Country Life 1783. I promised you some photos and here they are. It is very large and very wide!!! Here is what Bethany has to share with us about stitching this piece;

As you remember, I started the CL sampler last spring when I was in Ohio visiting Mom. You girls all came over to Mom's for a stitch day! Any way, I love all my finished samplers, some were harder to stitch than others, but once the last stitch is in, you forget all about the hard times, frogging and wishing charts were perfect. We all know, the stitcher and the person reproducing the charts from antique samplers, are not perfect. We as stitchers all know this and continue on for the love of samplers!!

Thanks for visiting!

 Here is our favorite framer, Bonnie, measuring out this long sampler!! 

Here is the frame that we all picked out!!

 Here is Joann, I am adoring her! Isn't she Beautiful!!!  

Here's Ronda looking at all the goodies!!! She is such a sweetheart!!

 Bethany says; Regarding the tree, the leaves were suppose to be worked free hand, stem stitch.  I decided not to do the stem stitch and made what would have been the leaves, spiked like needles on a pine tree, then I also added brown cones in different sizes and shapes.  This reminded me of the pine trees in Florida and I think it turned out grea!.

 Love the cow!!!

 Bethany says; The sheep was supposed to be worked with bullion stitch, but I had completed, earlier, a Scarlet Letter sampler, Grazing Sheep and decided I would do something different, so I couched real lambs wool, twisting the wool as I couched with filament quilting thread.  I loved the look of that sampler so much, I decided to do the sheep on CL, the same way.  To me, it looks like a real sheep.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

~Finished and Framed~

Hello Dear Friends~

I am so excited to share with all of you  my first finish of the New Year! I had started this piece towards the end of last year. It is Adam and Eve by La De Da.  I finally finished it (love the colors!) and picked out this beautiful frame a few weeks ago from our favorite framer, Bonnie. She works out of "Just Stitching" in Strongsville, OH. She does a fantastic job!
So Joann Hoffman and her daughter, Bethany who is visiting from Florida (for her Mom's Birthday!) and Ronda and I took a road trip to" Just Stitching" to pick up my finish and Bethany was dropping off a finish of hers, a stunning, HUGE sampler called  "Country Life". It is amazing, and I will post pictures soon~

Thanks for stopping by for a visit~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ella Dahling!!!

Hello Dear Friends~

At the Holiday gift exchange parties, I was so insane with excitement at all the beautiful items that had been made, I was taking pictures, trying to get everything on film...... in the meantime, I am told by Ella, that I had not taken a picture of the gift she had made for me!! She had drawn my name in the Thurs night group!!! Well  now, that was despicable on my part and I felt really bad, as Ella and I are good friends, we are serious shopping friends, we will pull in at any junk store, flea market, antique shop and we also love TJ Maxx, Ulta, Marshall's, Sephora, etc. You get what I am saying!!!
So here is my gift from Ella!! It is a Stacy Nash pattern, drum keep and slipper with a strawberry, have I ever told you how much I love handmade strawberries? They make my heart sing! LOL 
She changed the colors, using beautiful colored silks. Ella lined the slipper with some green thick wool, she also used a cool vintage button and stitched our initials on top. The strawberry was made with vintage velvet found on Etsy, and then she put on some black crystals, we love sparkly!!!!
Thank You Ella~~~I love the gift you made for me!
Hope you enjoy the pictures~
Best Wishes,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gift for JoAnn~

Hello Friends~

Just wanted to show you the gift I made for my Dear Friend JoAnn, it was given to her at Karen's party as I had drawn her name for the gift exchange! I decided to stitch the Pineberry Lane, Prim Sisters Club pattern on 30ct linen over 1 thread, sprayed it down with walnut crystals, found some awesome primitive fabric (did I mention Jo Ann loves primitives?) framed the piece out in the fabric, and designed this needle book for her! It is 5"x 5".

Inside I used another primitive fabric to make the pocket to hold her scissors, threads, etc. Made it a bit bigger for all the things we like to carry with us. Added a bit of black vintage rayon seam binding to close it up. On top of the other side is a pin cushion made with wool and stuffed with strips of warm and natural. The needle page is made of hand dyed wool, attached with dyed vegetable ivory buttons, and some feather stitching, for a whimsical "Jack".  Then, I had some vintage black velvet and made a small 3" strawberry with a wool top and a seam binding bow, stuffed with crushed walnut shells. The very first strawberry I have ever made! (I need one of those myself!)

I found this oval box at TJ Maxx that can be used for storage or display, it looked vintage, with birds on it, and the cool crown was found at "One Vintage Lane" in Hartville, OH. while shopping with my friend Maureen. We got one for our self and one to give away!!

Decided not to wrap it, and just used some blush colored wide ribbon to top it off and weave it through the crown to hold it down. There was lots of talk about the crowned gift, as no one knew who was going to get it.

JoAnn and I have been friends for 20 years and this gift was made with much love, designed  especially for her. All hand sewn by me. I enjoyed making the needle book, it made me smile, and it was so much fun watching her open it~~~~ xoxoxox

Thanks for stopping by~

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Party at Karen's House

Happy New Year Friends~~

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday!!! Good bye 2012, welcome 2013, hoping for a very Happy New Year and many Blessings to all of you!!
Wanted to share pictures of the party at Karen's House, a group of about a dozen, many who have been in this stitching group for 20 years or more. WOW! We have shared in each others lives through good times, sad times and in between times. These are some awesome woman and we have the love of needlework that binds us all together.
Enjoy seeing the gifts made by our hands, with much love. We all bring a dish to share, so the food is always good, Karen is our monthly host (her house is so beautiful) and we dazzle her with gifts for opening her home and heart to us every month! Her Holiday decor is just so lovely~ 
You can see us all in the group photo!!  

Best Wishes~

p.s. sorry if missed getting a photo of anyone's handwork gift~