Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karen's Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Hello Friends~
Thought you might enjoy seeing the gifts that were exchanged at Karens annual Christmas party. This is a group of woman who have been meeting every 3rd Wed for 18+ years at Karen's house. It's a wonderful stitching group with many talented ladies. Sweet friendships have formed through all these years. We are very Blessed to have each other. And I am very lucky to be a part of this group!!
My husband, Jeff went to see his Dr. on Thurs, and is still not able to go back to his regular job yet, it is now going on 6 months since the accident. You never know what life will bring from day to day, but I do know God was watching over him, keeping him safe in what could have been a fatal accident.

Soon, it will be Spring!!!!

Blessings to All~

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello Dear Friends!!!

What a grey snowy day it has been today!

I had told you I would post the pictures of the girls in the Thursday night group last week, so here they are! There are 2 missing, Sheila and Joann.~ Let me just say, these women are accomplished needlewokers. I am so lucky to be a part of this group, getting to see all the wonderful things they make (with so much love) with their hands! God Blessed us all with a passion of needlework and creativity, I can't imagine life without needlework and all the other things I enjoy making. Being with like minded friends is just so much fun! I am always looking forward to Thursday nights!!!

Hope you all have a great week~ Thanks for visiting~

Best Wishes~


Me! and Ella

Kim and Dee

Joan, JoAnn and Carla

Rhonda, Cathy, and Beth

Linda, Diane, Ella and Pat

Denett, Barb and Barb's Mom

Joyce and Nancy

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gift Exchange & Husband Update

Hello Dear Friends~

It has been a long time since my last post!! Since my husbands accident~ he is doing so much better, but not back to his job yet. He is on restricted light-duty working only 6 hrs per/day. It has really taken a toll on him, not sure if he will get back to where he was before the accident~ but what I do know is that we are so Thankful he survived, that God had his hands on him and it wasn't his time to go yet.......there is a whole new vibe around here and it's all good!

Thought you would enjoy seeing the gifts that were exchanged with some of my Dear Friends from the Thursday night stitching group at our Christmas party. We had such a nice dinner together, such a good time was had by all. I am so Blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life!! I am going to post their pictures next time!!

I have missed my blog, and all of you~

Best Wishes Always~