Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Litle Bit of Bling!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

I have been wanting to make this necklace for quite sometime! Finished it about a week ago and thought I would share a few photos of it! I cut 1 inch pieces of 18 gage sterling silver and wired each piece to a taupe colored 8mm swarovski rondelle. I was the lucky bidder to win the antique heart pendant on Ebay, it is 2 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide in the middle, and yes, it does open up! The total length is 36 inches long, and it is a fun piece to wear. I have to admit that sometimes, I do like to wear a little bit of bling!

Best Wishes Always~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished and Framed

Hello Dear Ones~
I finally got this piece framed and I really love it. It is an old Ewe & Eye pattern, called Pennsylvania House. Stitched on 40ct R&R cappuccino, using NPI silks listed. The colors are very pretty and an unusual mix. I had always thought I would use a wide black frame, but it just didnt work, and then I found this one and it was perfect.
Hoping to get some stitching done on Isabella this weekend! Soon, the new releases will be coming from Market, what is on your wish list to buy and stitch???
With Kind Wishes~

Sweet Puppy Paws

Hello Friends~
Here is a picture of Bandit from the waist down, taking a nap! He stretches out, and his adorable puppy pads made me smile. Had to share it with you! lol

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Friends!

Thought I would post my progress on Isabella Johnstone!!! I choose 32ct Creme Brulee as my fabric, and I really like the old look to it. I am in a SAL with 2 friends, JoAnn and Betty on this Sampler. We hope to get together next month for lunch and to see each others progress. I am a slow stitcher, so this is going to take me a while to finish. So far it has been fun to stitch! Looking forward to using another color!! I have a small sampler coming from the framer soon and I will post when I get it. The pictures on the right is of a small pincushion I stitched and a pair of paper shoes I bought on Etsy last year. So Sweet~


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bandit~Sweet Little Boy

Hello Friends~

Here is a couple of new pictures of Bandit, he is now 3 months old. Oh, he is a very busy and energetic puppy! He makes me laugh out loud several times a day. We started pupply school this past Monday (for 12 weeks) hopefully he will learn good puppy manners! Potty training is going very well, although it is a bit more of a challenge to train in the winter! He loves to play in the snow!!

I am so ready for Spring~