Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Has Been a Long Time....

Hello Friends~

No, I havn't forgotten all of you!! I just have been in a summer rut, just too hot!!! I don't like the high humidity at all!! So I have been indoors quite a bit, you'd think I would be stitching away, but I am also in a stitching rut~ Isabella Johnstone and I had a falling out, so I had to put her away for a while. Then I did sitich the top border of Ann Wheaton, then laid her down, so I have been stitching on a Halloween chart from the Primitive Needle. I will post that next time!!

Below is a picture of a necklace I made today, it was fun and quick and the faceted beads are such a beautiful pale blue, beige and brown color. The pendent is from Kathy Barrick's shop on Etsy, she sells some of her cool stuff there!!!

Then below that is Rebecca, she had The Fab5 over for lunch not too long ago, JoAnn, Maureen, Carla and myself. We all brought over a dish and enjoyed our time together on Rebecca's enclosed porch. It is just awesome at Rebecca's, she lives in a Saltbox and the period decor is out of this world. The food was delicious, but most of, our long friendship is something I am very thankful for!! We looked at Rebecca's Sampler stash patterns and just went crazy with desire, I hope we live long enough to stitch them all (yeah, right??!!)

Thank God for Friendships & Creativity~

My Dear Friends, Rebecca (top) JoAnn & Maureen and a photo of Rebecca's primitive cupboard filled with all kinds of ecletic collections.