Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annual Christmas Party at JoAnn's House!

Hello Friends~

This past Wed was our annual Christmas Party and gift exchange! It is by far my favorite party of the season. The food was so good, and we look forward to some foods we get to have only once a year made by each other, like JoAnn's spinach casserole, Joyce's meatballs! The gift exchange is always exciting, finding out who picked your name and what they decided to make for you. The friendship we have with each other, so dear to to all of us!!

Also a big "Thank You" to Karen who has been hosting the "Stitch Inn" for the last 16 years. For opening her heart and home to us every month. I am grateful to be in such a group of talented women who all love needle work like I do! It is a real Blessing!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday!!

Best Wishes Always~

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Joy said...

You are definitely in a group of talented needle women! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I have to tell you...I designed 3 of those little stockings:)

Merry Christmas!