Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karen's Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Hello Friends~
Thought you might enjoy seeing the gifts that were exchanged at Karens annual Christmas party. This is a group of woman who have been meeting every 3rd Wed for 18+ years at Karen's house. It's a wonderful stitching group with many talented ladies. Sweet friendships have formed through all these years. We are very Blessed to have each other. And I am very lucky to be a part of this group!!
My husband, Jeff went to see his Dr. on Thurs, and is still not able to go back to his regular job yet, it is now going on 6 months since the accident. You never know what life will bring from day to day, but I do know God was watching over him, keeping him safe in what could have been a fatal accident.

Soon, it will be Spring!!!!

Blessings to All~


marly said...

Holy moly. What unique and special pieces!

Margaret said...

Wow, so gorgeous! I sure hope your poor DH is feeling better at least and is on the mend. Poor guy -- but yes, so lucky to be alive!

Melissa said...

What lovely pieces! It's fun to see all that talent!

Kim, in the second photo, the long pincushion or pillow on top, do you know the designer and chart name? I've never seen it before and would love to add it to my list.

Your DH is on the mend and that's good. Just a bit more time to heal completely...