Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ella Dahling!!!

Hello Dear Friends~

At the Holiday gift exchange parties, I was so insane with excitement at all the beautiful items that had been made, I was taking pictures, trying to get everything on film...... in the meantime, I am told by Ella, that I had not taken a picture of the gift she had made for me!! She had drawn my name in the Thurs night group!!! Well  now, that was despicable on my part and I felt really bad, as Ella and I are good friends, we are serious shopping friends, we will pull in at any junk store, flea market, antique shop and we also love TJ Maxx, Ulta, Marshall's, Sephora, etc. You get what I am saying!!!
So here is my gift from Ella!! It is a Stacy Nash pattern, drum keep and slipper with a strawberry, have I ever told you how much I love handmade strawberries? They make my heart sing! LOL 
She changed the colors, using beautiful colored silks. Ella lined the slipper with some green thick wool, she also used a cool vintage button and stitched our initials on top. The strawberry was made with vintage velvet found on Etsy, and then she put on some black crystals, we love sparkly!!!!
Thank You Ella~~~I love the gift you made for me!
Hope you enjoy the pictures~
Best Wishes,


Margaret said...

I'm so glad you took pictures. What beautiful work!

Ella said...

Im sooo glad we are friends and I enjoyed making this gift!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Wow! Ella's gift is so beautiful! what treasures. I am glad that you shared them with us.

MarchAnn said...

That is a very nice gift to get. Also checked out your stitching it is very nice.

Joy said...

What a lovely gift!