Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bethany's~~ Country Life 1783

Hello Dear Friends~

I was with Joann Hoffman and Bethany Gallant (Mother and Daughter) and Ronda Price this past Saturday, as we went to Just Stitching, to pick up my finish and to drop off Bethany's new finish! The lovely and amazing Scarlet Letter's Country Life 1783. I promised you some photos and here they are. It is very large and very wide!!! Here is what Bethany has to share with us about stitching this piece;

As you remember, I started the CL sampler last spring when I was in Ohio visiting Mom. You girls all came over to Mom's for a stitch day! Any way, I love all my finished samplers, some were harder to stitch than others, but once the last stitch is in, you forget all about the hard times, frogging and wishing charts were perfect. We all know, the stitcher and the person reproducing the charts from antique samplers, are not perfect. We as stitchers all know this and continue on for the love of samplers!!

Thanks for visiting!

 Here is our favorite framer, Bonnie, measuring out this long sampler!! 

Here is the frame that we all picked out!!

 Here is Joann, I am adoring her! Isn't she Beautiful!!!  

Here's Ronda looking at all the goodies!!! She is such a sweetheart!!

 Bethany says; Regarding the tree, the leaves were suppose to be worked free hand, stem stitch.  I decided not to do the stem stitch and made what would have been the leaves, spiked like needles on a pine tree, then I also added brown cones in different sizes and shapes.  This reminded me of the pine trees in Florida and I think it turned out grea!.

 Love the cow!!!

 Bethany says; The sheep was supposed to be worked with bullion stitch, but I had completed, earlier, a Scarlet Letter sampler, Grazing Sheep and decided I would do something different, so I couched real lambs wool, twisting the wool as I couched with filament quilting thread.  I loved the look of that sampler so much, I decided to do the sheep on CL, the same way.  To me, it looks like a real sheep.


Margaret said...

Thank you for the treat! Loved seeing Bethany's Country Life, also the pics of Joanne and Rhonda and you and all! Country Life is another on my to-stitch list. I love all the details Bethany put in hers!

marly said...

What a gorgeous sampler! Your idea for the sheep was perfect. So many nice elements in this piece.

Bethany said...

Kim, thank you for all your kind words. I am just thankful, I am able to come to Ohio, visit with mom and meet with all her great stitching buddies. There is nothing better, than long days stitching, going to the local stitching stores and meeting with all the great ladies. I can't wait for this coming weekend. Mom's house will be filled with great friends, great homemade goodies, great times stithing and fun will be had by all. What we won't do for the love of stitching. People might think we are crazy, but it sure is CRAZY GOOD.....

JoAnn said...

Hi Kim: You are so kind to blog such nice words regarding Bethany and I. We so enjoy being with you and seeing all the "In Stash" patterns you have waiting in the wings to stitch. I just wish I was as young as you and had all the stitching years ahead of me. If you look at all I've done, that will give you some idea of what your heirlooms will be for your family in future generations.

Nicola said...

Thank you Kim for all the lovely close up photos of CL. I have the chart and it is very high up on my to stitch list. I like the changes that Bethany has made, it is good to make it your own.

dixiesamplar said...

Love that sheep!! Sounds like you had a great time too...

Paulette said...

Oh my... what have you done to me? I simply must get Country Life. It's to die for!


Peggy Lee said...

Hello Kim -- I've just started following your blog and I love what I see. I too like Samplers!

The sheep is adorable!
Peggy Lee

Stitch Wizard said...

I just LOVE Country Life that you stitched here Bethany and it is even more amazing than it looks when you view the project. I just have got to have it after seeing yours!!! I love how you stitched the sheep too!!! I want to say thank you for your nice comment on my Elizabeth Sheffield photo in Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year too. I couldn't find a way to contact you so I am posting here but in doing that I found your Country Sampler here and want to get it for me. I am such a country girl at heart too!!!