Sunday, March 23, 2014

Estate Sale~Flea Market~Needlework

Hello Friends!!!1

It is so sunny outside today, still cold!!! But very soon (here in Ohio) we will be getting warmer days, with lots of rain and then all the glorious color will be gifted to us!!! So excited!! I have not been out much since my double knee replacement in Oct, then the fall down my stairs, with all the bad weather I didn't want to chance another fall outside!! 
But I did go to the Navarre Flea Market yesterday with friend Ella! I wanted to show you my goodies, then about a week ago, Jo Ann and I went to an Estate Sale!!!! It was a huge house full of folk art. It was amazing, and I needed way more money, lol. I was happy with what I got and Jo Ann got some great things as well. 
I have also been working on some needle cases and thought I would show you a peek of my progress. I am also working on Eunice Ripley and Per Lucinda samplers in between the smalls. I love making smalls for the needlework bag, they are just so sweet~
Have a great week~

A beautiful plate, and ironstone desert plates, lots of vintage trims and 2 old tins, some small pottery and a bunch of vintage jewelry to repurpose~~~~
 Lots of old lace and crochet lace, that will be used for small needle work pillows.
 Both of these cans labels say Canton Ohio, I especially love the yellow one.
 Also a fan shaped milk glass vase, I had been wanting one of these for a long time!
 These are the pottery dishes which I am going to use for beads.
 From the estate sale, a Rebekah L Smith painted box, I love her folk art!
 The front of this lovely box, so pretty.
One of the needle keeps I am working on, traced a rabbit from one of NFF fractur books and added french knots and hand dyed with Rit taupe dye. Love the fabric and grey wool!
 This an old Carriage House Tomb Stone design, love it!
This metal peacock vase? I got it a while ago at One Vintage Lane in Hartville Ohio. I have used it to hold some of my scissors, It looks cool!!!!!


Margaret said...

Wow, great finds! Love how your scissors are in that peacock shaped piece. So cool! The stitched pieces are beautiful too!

Melissa said...

Gosh, I didn't realize you've had double knee surgery, then the fall. Ouch! I hope you've recovered.

The estate sale finds are all wonderful. I love that folk art box! I like your stitched pieces too.

Take care!
ps say hi to Jo Ann!

Karoline said...

Great finds and your needle keeps are looking lovely

1890* said...

Hi Kim,
Beautiful blog you have here.. I am enjoying your new found treasures and your beautiful stitching's..*Lovely!
I wanted to ask if you could add my link to my label that you have displayed on the top right of your blog.
Thank you & *A Happy Spring to you*
1890 Gable House Goodes

Christine LeFever said...

Hi Kim, It was so nice of you to visit my blog. And now here I am visiting you! I would love to know which part of Ohio you live in, since I lived for two years (2003-2005) in little Lynchburg, 50 miles east of Cincinnati. I have been an avid estate sale attendee for many years out here in the Portland, Oregon area. I never got to go to a single estate sale while in Ohio, because it was unfamiliar territory for me. Feel free to email me: christinelefever@comcast.net.

Your finds are lovely treasures.

Ocean said...

I've actually got one of those metal peacock vases and I want to sell it. Can anyone suggest me a logic price for it? Thanks.