Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday Gift for JoAnn

Hello Dear Friends~
I wanted to share with you this needle punch I made for my dear long time friend, JoAnn. This is a design by Buttermilk Basin. I picked out all the colors as well. Used dmc, 6 threads and set my needle on 2. Made it into a pocket, and my son Noah picked some goldenrod for me, as JoAnn loves goldenrod. Also made a fabric tag that read; Thanks for making the journey so much more sweeter..... JoAnn and I have been friends for 20+ years, I love her so much!!! Hoping you are enjoying these beautiful Indian Summer days we are having!


ronda at simple thyme prims said...

Wonderful Kim! A very lucky friend ... blessings, ~ronda

Margaret said...

It's absolutely wonderful! A great gift for your friend!

Patti said...

Such a wonderful gift! I'm sure that she was thrilled!
Blessings, Patti

Bethany said...

Kim, I can't wait to see some of your things in person. Hopefully we will be able to see each other during my visit to Ohio. Joann is a lucky lady, but then you all are lucky to have the wonderful support of great friends.

Christine said...

Love your blog and stitching! The pouch is gorgeous!
Glad to 'meet' you!

Jean Bee said...

Very nice!

marly said...

So nice!