Sunday, May 1, 2011

Isabella, Bandit and Sweet Pin Keep~

Hello Friends!!
I cant believe how fast April just flew by! I had a couple of health issues, and they kind of had me a bit down. But I am feeling better now and I have missed you. As you can see I don't have alot more done on Isabella, but what is done, I just love. I ended up changing the color in the 2nd alphabet, and numbers as well, the color it called for is biscotti (there is a band of it under the small alphabet) and it barely showed up on the fabric I choose. I used weeks dye works, palomino, and it goes well with the other colors in the Sampler. Can't wait to finish the algerian eyes, then next the grass and the cow!!
The weather han't been that great here in Clinton, Ohio~but I am hoping for some beautiful and warm weather this month! I wish all of you many wonderful sun-shiny days and times with good friends!!
God Bless ~

Bandit has gotton so big!! Getting close to 20lbs, and he such a good boy!! He will be 6 months in a couple days. Now Bandit and my older dog Rex are playing together very well, so much fun watching them play tug of war!!

Look at this lovely pinkeep I got on Ebay, it is a pattern by Notforgotten Farm. It was all hand sewn by Rhonda Tedder. She makes some beautiful items, all made by her hand! Here is Ronda's link to Etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/SimpleThymePrims

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