Monday, May 30, 2011

JoAnn's Memorial Sunday Party~

Hell Friends~
Let me just say this!!!! JoAnn & Bethany's party was the BOMB!!! Good friends!! Delicious food and needlework!!! Is there anything Better?? It started at 11am and we left a little before 6pm. JoAnn has the most wonderful house, with the most ecletic clock collection I have ever seen, by her beloved husband Bob! Lots of chimes, all unique and so cool!! Then you have have JoAnn's Samplers to drool over in every room. And her daughter Bethany is a Sampler lover as well, she was visiting from Florida. She has her Samplers posted to Ellen Chester webshots, under bearlynew2000. Check it out!!! Amazing!! I will treasure this day forever, another sweet memory to add in my heart! Thanks to JoAnn and Bethany, and to all the other dear friends who were there as well.

With Kind Regards~


All of us!!!!

More Eye candy!!

Good Friends!!! Rhonda, JoAnn and Kim!!

More Awesome Samplers!!!

Here is Rhonda with her beautiful Charlotte Clayton finish! So very beautiful!!!


Margaret said...

Oh wow!!! Wow wow wow! Love all the eye candy! I so need to know what that teeny A&E sampler is! Please? And the big one in the same picture too, with the two houses and the pretty vase. Gorgeous! What are those samplers?! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

Joy said...

Oh what a wonderful way to spend a day! The samplers are wonderful!! Lucy Redd has always been a favorite..my first completed large sampler!

Hope all is well...Happy Week!

Melissa said...

Oh what fun! I love the stitching eye candy! Beautiful work!

I see you've got Margaret jumping up and down wanting to know what's what. Me too! :-)

marly said...

Looks like a fun day! Gorgeous pieces. I don't recognize the small A&E, but I love it, and Lucy's call to me is getting louder!

Jo Ann said...

Hi everyone,

I guess I caused a slight uproar with the small A&E sampler. Since my dear friend Kim did not have all the info on it here it is: It is The Sun & Moon Miniature Sampler Circa 1815 from Scarlet Letter. I stitched it on 30/1 with unknown fabric from my stash. I used the called for DMC ( I did email Scarlet Letter because years ago when I purchased the pattern there was no DMC conversion. She was so great to email me almost instantly with the conversions.)
Here is what I have for DMC:

X = 934
- = 832
^ = 642
. = Black
/ = 347
B = 927
+ = 738 I used 612 bc of linen clr
C = 829
O = Ecru
V = 502
The little pear in the corner is my addition for my sweetie bc he said a pear would look good on the sampler and no where does is say the forbidden fruit was an apple !

The biggie is Lucy Redd by Homespun Elegance 28/2 which I did not love working on ( my fav is 36 or 40) worked with DMC called for.

Hope this helps ! Jo Ann

Siobhan said...

Beautiful pictures!! So inspiring. It must be so neat to meet up with people with similar talents. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Michelle said...

I'm so in love with the beautiful samplers! What a fun day you all had. Wish I'd been there!!!